Water Kefir Lemonade

Water Kefir Lemonade is super simple and quick to make.

All you need on hand is some water kefir that is ready to use and a bunch of lemon juice. Just mix the two together and chill. In a couple of hours you will have refreshing drink that is filled with probiotics and great tasting to boot.

Make a batch today and enjoy a cool glass of this refreshing and healthful drink.

Water Kefir Lemonade
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  1. 4 cups prepared water kefir
  2. ½ cup lemon juice
  1. Mix together the water kefir and lemon juice.
  2. Chill before serving.
  3. If you want to make this beverage fizzy, after mixing, pour the lemonade into a tight capped bottle and let sit to build carbonation 1-2 days at room temperature. Once carbonated, refrigerated and enjoy chilled.
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