Milk Kefir Smoothie Tips

milk kefir smoothies

Here are some tips to help make your milk kefir smoothies a success.

Sour Smoothies:

  • add ½ to one whole banana per 2 cups of milk kefir 
  • substitute regular un-kefired milk for some of the milk kefir in your smoothie (try ½ cup of milk to every 1 cup of milk kefir) 
  • add more fruit to your smoothie
  • ferment the milk kefir for less time, ideally right after it has gelled strain the grains and use it
  • make milk kefir ice cream — chilled foods are harder to taste so if you don’t like the sourness of your smoothies, try milk kefir ice cream instead!

Thicker Smoothies:

  • add frozen fruit — makes the smoothie thicker and icier, enough frozen fruit will make your smoothie similar to a sherbet or frozen yogurt (1:1 ratio of frozen fruit to milk kefir)
  • add kefir soaked oatmeal
  • add chia seeds — these will need to soak overnight to thicken your smoothie so make sure to plan ahead (1-2 tablespoons per 1 cup of smoothie)
  • strain your milk kefir using a coffee filter or fine weave cheesecloth for 30-60 minutes prior to use

Kid Friendly Smoothies:

  • add more fruit — the more fruit the more likely your child will eat it so don’t hold back!
  • let your child pick the flavors and help prepare it (depending on their age this can be anything from just turning the blender on to cutting up the fruit for the smoothie)
  • make milk kefir ice cream — if smoothies just aren’t working, make some milk kefir ice cream instead!

Protein Smoothies:

  • add egg white protein, whey protein or any other protein powder you like — egg white protein powder works great and it adds no noticeable flavor to the finished smoothie
  • add ground nut meal — ¼ cup per 2 cups of smoothie